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Panum Building

University of Copenhagen
Nørre Alle 20, 2200 København, Denmark

The Panum Building is a part of the University of Copenhagen and is placed a few kilometres from the centre of Copenhagen.

It is a large building complex of some 105,000 m2. The buildings house The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, which includes the Dental School as well as The School of Oral Health Care.

At the Panum Building many different courses are given. Health informations, medicine, medicine and technology, nano technology, global health, enviromental chemistry , molecular biomedicine and parasitology to mention af few.

The Panum building was taken into use in 1975, and The School of Oral Health Care moved to Panum in 1986.

The Panum Building is named after professor of physiology P.L. Panum (1820-1885) who, while still a medical student, worked on the cholera epidemics that culminated in 1853.

P.L. Panum is also famous for his research into measles in connection with an epidemic of that disease in the Faroe Islands. He was appointed Professor of Physiology in Kiel, Germany before returning to the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

(from University of Copenhagen website :